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The Pinnacle Team
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The Pinnacle Sales Team

Devyani Brahim, Sales Manager
Devyani Brahim

Sales Manager

Kanya Clemetson, Sales Executive
Kanya Clemetson

Sales Executive

Yemima Garcia, Sales Executive
Yemima Garcia

Sales Executive

Raquel Dadlani, Sales Executive
Raquel Dadlani

Sales Executive

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The Development TeamButterfly image

Ziping Chen, Chairman
Ziping Chen


Yangsen Li, Chief Executive Officer
Yangsen Li

Chief Executive Officer

Shift Huang, Chief Financial Officer
Shifu Huang

Chief Financial Officer

Tanya Golaub, Chief Operating Officer
Tanya Golaub

Chief Operating Officer

Vivlaal Golaub, Chief Legal Counsel
Vivlaal Golaub

Chief Legal Counsel

Isiaa Madden, Chief Architect
Isiaa Madden

Chief Architect

Dominique Silvera, Sales and Marketing leader
Dominique Silvera

Sales and Marketing Leader


LCH Developments is a significant real estate investment, development and management group. Headquartered in Jamaica, it is committed to delivering positive change through sustainable, high-quality developments that improve and enhance the communities in which it operates.


Design HQ is a leading architectural and design firm headquartered in Montego Bay led by Isiaa Madden, who brings over 25 years of experience in design, project, and construction management. The Firm has been responsible for projects across a variety of asset types, from residential to commercial, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, hotels and private residences.


Brothers Concepts Solution Limited is a major and well-respected construction group in Jamaica. the Company has substantial experience across retail, commercial, leisure and residential developments, and brings a passionate commitment to quality, innovation, and professionalism to every project.


Golaub & Golaub is a boutique law firm, founded by Vivlaal Golaub, Attorney at Law.  The Firm specialises in real estate transactions, acting for clients in the buying and selling of real estate as well as the development of residential, commercial and industrial properties across Jamaica.