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The Computer generated images as used throughout including photographs are general guidance only intended for illustrative purposes only. The quality, style and lay out of the images and of the specification may not represent the actual fittings and furnishings of the Development. Computer generated images is not to be construed as a contract, part of a contract or of any agreement; it is not to be treated as a warranty or guarantee by the end user.

Similarly, Site plans and floor plans and any other development lay outs are intended for illustrative purposes only and should be treated as general guidance only. Dimensions of the floor plans should not be used for flooring or fittings. Specifications are also subject to change as necessary without notice. The layout which includes the parking garages, commercial building, recreational areas and common areas, open spaces are subject to change to reflect changes in the planning permission for the development.

Site plans, landscaping, dimensions, specifications, are not intended to form part of any contract or warranty unless specifically incorporated in writing into the contract. As with any new development there may be ongoing planning matters and consents that may result in these views changing over time.
Please speak with our sales advisor for further details