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We Talk to Isiaa Madden about Her Vision for The Apartments at The Pinnacle

Issia Madden, Chief Architect

It remains our vision to create
quite simply the finest lifestyle
in Jamaica. A community to
be genuinely proud of.


We Talk to Isiaa Madden about Her Vision for The Apartments at The Pinnacle

Resident of Montego Bay, The Pinnacle’s architect Isiaa Madden, explains the ambition and opportunities that the location and brief provided when designing the area.

Q: What was the brief for The Pinnacle? 

A: The brief underlined the ambition. To create a world-class residential estate. The area is a 17.5 acre peninsula stretching into Montego Bay Marine Reserve and our instructions were to combine four apartment towers with a breadth of amenities, optimise the views and embrace the serene natural environment of the lagoon.

We subsequently undertook extensive research in other cities, particularly in the US, to ensure it would be best-in-class in the Caribbean – not just Jamaica.

Q: What was the most exciting opportunity that the location provided?

A: The position. It is a significant and magnificent site on its own peninsula in the lagoon. This delivers extraordinary 360-degree views and it is especially spectacular at sunrise and sunset.

It is impossible not to recognise the opportunity of creating a destination of international quality and its impact on the perception of Montego Bay in the wider world.

Q: What was the greatest challenge? 

A: As with most projects, it is balancing the client’s dreams and ambitions with the inevitable constraints of the site. There are always compromises, the challenge is to turn those into genuine and positive opportunities and benefits.

Q: What was your guiding ambition when designing the masterplan for The Pinnacle? 

A: Simply to take into consideration the environment implications, such as the sunrise and sunset path, the prevailing winds, the site conditions and the protected landscape, and combine those with elegant and compelling architecture. Buildings we can all be proud of.

Q: Are there architectural details or materiality that you are particularly excited by? 

A: I am particularly excited about the use of extensive glazing to create a solution that will seem light and float above the landscape. We did not want formidable concrete blocks!

Q: How are you addressing the sense of arrival in each lobby area? 

A: The sense of arrival for residents into their tower will translate into a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in an elegant, contemporary yet authentic setting.

We have combined the elements of natural wood and textures inserting hues with the soft furnishings and given it an edge with some modern metallics featured with the concierge desk. I am very inspired by the lobby design!

Q: What have been the guiding principles in delivering the amenity areas? 

A: The Pinnacle provides a rich array of resident’s amenities. Residents need options. Our objective was to deliver this diversity. Consequently, there are elevated outdoor areas with pools and barbecue areas, and engaging landscaped beach spaces at ground level along the river; there are tennis and sports courts; health and wellness amenities, family rooms and event spaces; shopping; and of course, a resident’s club and spa. The overarching principle was to deliver a choice and deliver it beautifully.

Q: What do you feel makes the apartments so special? 

A: The interior space planning and indoor-outdoor living has been well-considered but it is impossible not to regard the views themselves as the highlight. There is nowhere else that you can enjoy such panoramas – simply breathtaking.

Q: What is your favourite element of The Pinnacle, what are you potentially most proud of?

A: That is really difficult for me to answer, as there are so many different things I love about this development. Holistically it is my hope that all those who live at The Pinnacle will love it as much as I do, having designed it, I want to live there! However, working with the team and pulling together the combined vision, seeing it come to life and being part of the group that is delivering something genuinely special for Jamaica, has been my driver! It’s a jewel that will stand tall for generations to come!

Q: What do you want residents to feel when they arrive home to The Pinnacle? 

A: Equanimity. We believe The Pinnacle will be a sophisticated synthesis of vitality and serenity – a place good for both body and soul.