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Home Management
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Home Management

Peace of mind and simplicity is central to our philosophy. All the essentials of a civilised life should be conveniently available.


A variety of services are available to residents.

*Certain services are subject to additional fees or costs. Details available on request.

The Pinnacle is managed by its own team of experienced specialists. To control both the consistency of quality provided and to meet our security protocols, all staff involved in the housekeeping, landscaping and security are part of The Pinnacle Management Company. Amongst the services that can be arranged are*:

  • Organising maid and apartment cleaning service
  • Dry cleaning and laundry
  • Terrace and balcony dressing and plant-care
  • Essential supply purchase and installation prior to visits as requested
  • Detailed weekly checks on the property or at other intervals as requested
  • Assisting in the arrangements and logistics of moving into the property
  • Conducting thorough checks of the property prior to arrival
  • Inspection of the property immediately after any visit
  • Purchasing of household items and luxury goods
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Property Management

Each resident at The Pinnacle might have different requirements for their home. For some it might be their primary residence, for others a place to visit and unwind. A property management programme can be agreed and for those who would like to let their home out on a regular basis, this would be done through The Pinnacle Team.

The whole rental programme would be looked after, from the inventory checking, the leasing itself, through to the checking in and post guest cleaning and maintenance. Centralising these arrangements will ensure that there is a control on quality, security and price.

Equally, for those apartments that might be empty for periods of time, the team will undertake regular visits and maintenance checks to make sure homes are in consistently fine level of repair.

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Privacy & Security

From the beginning, security was central in the design and planning of The Pinnacle. The towers and villas are protected by the lagoon itself, fencing and security gates. Every area is constantly monitored, alongside all visitors or deliveries arriving at the entrance.

  • Car and pedestrian access controlled from front gates
  • Key fob access to towers and individual apartments
  • CCTV cameras monitoring all public areas at all times. Cameras scrutinised by the concierge team
  • Secure car parking within the estate
  • Mains supply heat and smoke detectors in all apartments
  • Smoke detection in all common areas linked to the building management system
  • On-site security team patrol