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A New Chapter has Begun as $350m Luxury Development Breaks Ground

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A New Chapter has Begun as $350m Luxury Development Breaks Ground

On a beautiful January evening in Montego Bay, Jamaica, fireworks bursting in a dizzying array of colors lit up the night sky for several minutes over the parish, commemorating the groundbreaking ceremony of a $350 million USD luxury development set to open its doors in 2029.

“The Pinnacle” will feature 423 residences and 15 exclusive villas that will be dispersed among 4 different towers, 28 stories each. According to Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett, this new expansive property will be the largest high rise ever built on the island.

Each tower will feature residences with a variety of one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments, as well as 4 and 5 bedroom penthouses. For those craving an exclusive short stay, The Pinnacle will also have 15 private villas, providing an experience unlike any other on the island, as well as top of the class amenities including dedicated concierge services, a curated boutique shopping experience, diverse restaurants including a rooftop bar, a private club and spa, a sports facility featuring several tennis and multi-sports courts and a private marina.

This first of its kind development in Jamaica will be built on a prime location in Montego Bay, standing tall between the Caribbean Sea and a lagoon on the Reading Peninsula that will provide panoramic views of the ocean as well as a nature reserve that the developers, LCH Development Limited, and the Jamaican government are determined to protect, anticipating that residents will live harmoniously with the landscape of lush greenery, native flora, and fauna, as well as the natural wildlife that inhabit the area.

“The Pinnacle goes beyond traditional residential development. It’s a meticulously crafted lifestyle destination, reshaping luxury living in Jamaica,” stated LCH Development Limited CEO Yangsen Li. “From stunning vistas to spacious residences, resort-style amenities, and personalized service, The Pinnacle represents a new era for residents. Merging Jamaican heritage with cosmopolitan flair, it beckons Jamaicans returning home and international guests seeking unmatched luxury in a beloved destination.”

LCH Developments Limited, a leading Jamaican real estate development company specializing in both residential and commercial projects, handpicked Montego Bay native and renowned architect Issia Madden, who boasts several decades of experience in the industry, to lead the architectural design of The Pinnacle. Her roots on the island go even deeper as a fourth-generation descendant of Leslie Madden who established Madden’s Funeral Home and Crematorium over 90 years ago and has grown into an empire with four branch offices, a casket-making company, two cemeteries, two crematoriums, three chapels and a printery. At the groundbreaking ceremony on the 17 and a half acre site where The Pinnacle will stand, Madden proudly proclaimed in front of industry leaders, dignitaries including Prime Minister Andrew Holness, local and foreign press as well as her family and friends that “It is my town, my landscape, and my neighbors, delivering a legacy that we can all be proud of, and that enhances Montego Bay and its future. This is and has been a commitment consistently at its heart, and in the hearts of all involved.”

To accentuate that commitment, Prime Minister Holness delivered a riveting keynote speech where he announced a new social housing program to begin development of residences for those working in the tourism and hospitality sector in Jamaica through the Tourism Enhancement Fund. The Pinnacle is estimated to create 400 new jobs, which will bring native Jamaicans from all over the island as well as people from other Caribbean islands to Montego Bay seeking employment, and this new initiative will aim to make sure they will be able to work and live in above standard conditions.

Many hopeful and inspiring words were said at the groundbreaking ceremony, but Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said it best at a dinner featuring Madden, representatives from LCH as well as other industry leaders the night before the prestigious event where he characterized The Pinnacle as “the beginning of something that will be a game changer for Jamaica” and expressed his excitement at what’s to come for the island.

“…I really want to thank the team…to begin to think about Jamaica as a destination where really high end tourism can become not just a desire, but a reality…”

The Pinnacle is proof that Jamaica is well on its way to accomplishing that goal.

Written by Andre Clarke as appearing in Caribbean Today | 15th February 2024